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PET Scrap or Poly Ethylene Tetraphthalate Scrap is nothing but used PET bottles that are destined to be recycled or for further processing. India generates more than 9.2 million tonnes of plastic waste, of which only 40% is recycled.

In India, as a rough estimate, nearly 0.9 million tonnes of PET are manufactured, of which more than 90% are recycled. But did you know a bulk of the scrap is recycled by the informal sector? On a global and local scale, there is a large gap in demand and supply.

What is the solution?


A one-stop marketplace to buy and sell PET baled scrap at market competitive prices. Our digital platform connects buyers (recyclers) with waste generators or aggregators in India.
Key Features:

  • Transparency in trading the waste
  • Easy and Fast digital payments
  • Order Tracking
  • Hassle free pick-up and drops
  • Online documentation

Benefits of Recykal Marketplace?

  • Connect with a wide network of recyclers, aggregators, and waste generators
  • Stay upto date with the Industry pricing
  • Receive the best offers
  • On-demand pick up and drops
  • Ship to multiple locations

We at team recykal bring to you a hassle-free, online platform that you can access at the tip of your fingers. Want to know more?

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