July Updates on Recycling Industry

We bring to you the latest updates on what’s been happening in the PET Scrap Recycling Industry in the month of July 2021.

PET Scrap price trends for July 2021

PET Scrap Prices for July 2021

The prices for PET Scrap have been ranging from Rs.40 to Rs.46 in the month of July, across the country. Starting from Rs.40/kg in the last week of June, there has been a steady increase with the price at Rs.44.5/kg in the third week of July. The average price stood at Rs.43.5/kg, the highest was Rs.46/kg and the lowest was Rs.40/kg.
Check out the price trends here for the Month of July.

How to Buy and Sell PET Scrap easily?

buy and sell pet scrap, digital waste management system

In India, as a rough estimate, nearly 0.9 million tons of PET are manufactured, of which more than 90% are recycled. On a global and local scale, there is a large gap in demand and supply. We offer a digital solution that enables waste generators and traders in India to find and transact with each other.

A solution for PET Bottle Scrap Labels

pet bottle scrap labels, plastic labels

PET bottle scrap is a great resource for recycling. But most recyclers are worried about what to do with the labels that come with the PET bottle scrap. The Association of Plastic Recyclers has recognized three shrink label innovations that are compatible with PET recycling. Read about how these innovations could help you in your recycling process.

Plywood alternatives from Multi-layered Plastic (MLP)?

Plywood alternatives from Multi-layered Plastic (MLP)? Yes, it is possible. Mondelez has teamed up with Bengaluru based NGO Hasiru Dala to recycle MLPs and make alternatives to plywood. The technology is provided by TrashCon. Mondelez manufactures Cadbury and Oreo cookies in India, with over 600 tonnes of plastic waste being generated by their products.

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