5 Reasons Why e-Waste Recycling is Important

It is probably impossible to find a person with no electronic gadget with them or in their household. Gadgets have become an extremely important part of our everyday lives. From a mobile phone, fan to a refrigerator, we use them every day. Based on living standards, printers and other electronics are also an extensive part of our lives. After these gadgets have stopped working, most of us do not know what to do with them. We either throw them away in dustbins or store them in a corner. Today, e-waste recycling stands at just 3%.

Recycling e-waste has become a need of the hour looking at the current environmental situation and extensive usage of fossil fuels. Besides the need, e-waste recycling also has major benefits. Let’s take a look at why e-waste recycling is important for our present as well as our future.

5 Reasons why e-waste recycling is important

  1. Prevents e-waste from entering landfills
  2. Reduces the need for new raw materials
  3. Better scope of refurbishment
  4. Has positive effect on the environment
  5. Helps repurpose valuable materials

A deeper look into each of the reasons:

1. Prevents e-waste from entering landfills

E-waste can be dangerous, fatal even if disposed of improperly. Electronic devices contain metals and toxic substances, which when mixed with soil or are released into the air, can become harmful. Metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium can spoil water and pose harm to aquatic life if released in water. Recycling e-waste can prevent all these from happening as the waste goes through proper and right channels where it gets processed in a safe environment.

2. Reduces the need for new raw materials

Manufacturing new electronic devices and products require procuring natural resources as raw materials. With excess usage, the demand for new products is high, which in turn means high demand for raw materials. At this rate, all the existing natural resources will become extinct if we do not preserve and conserve them. 

Hence, collecting e-waste for recycling will help preserve these natural resources. Further, they will be used in manufacturing new products where they act as raw materials. This decreases the cost of production and procurement of raw materials. In return, it will also decrease the demand for new raw materials.

1MT of circuit boards contain 800 times the amount of gold mines from 1MT of ore

US EPA (United States, Environmental Protection Agency

3. Better scope of refurbishment

If you have ever shopped on e-commerce websites to purchase a laptop, you might have come across the tag “Refurbished” on some of them. This simply means that the device is repaired and turned into a brand new one. They cost lesser than the new products, of course. Recycling gives more scope for refurbishment and enables affordability.

4. Has a positive effect on the environment

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Reusing old or discarded materials for making new products means conserving natural resources. It also helps reduce carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental effects. The rise in usage of recycled materials means that there will be less demand for virgin materials. In conclusion, it helps preserve the environment and its natural resources.

5. Help repurpose valuable materials

Did you know that valuable materials such as silver, gold and platinum are used in the making of electronic devices?

We all know how valuable gold is to us. Recycling e-waste helps manufacturers retrieve these valuable metals and use them in the making of new devices and products. Electronics also contain other important metals such as copper, and aluminium. Further, plastic and glass are also present in them. Each component of an electronic device is reusable, hence, giving scope for cost-effective manufacturing solutions and extending the life of the waste.

There are plenty of organizations that accept e-waste. If you are a brand or a business looking to streamline your post-consumer usage of e-waste, we provide digital solutions for the same. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how e-waste recycling can work for your business and help your reach your EPR goals.

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