Draft Gazette Notification on EPR Rules October 2021

The latest Draft Gazette notification on EPR rules by the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) was released on 6th October 2021. The Draft has brought in new/changes in the following specific areas: Applicability of the EPR Rules Registration procedures Targets Obligations w.r.t plastic packaging Reuse Recycle Use of Recycled Content End of… Continue Reading →

PIBOs – Role of Stakeholders in EPR

The role of stakeholders in EPR was further emphasised in the recently amended Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, published in March 2021. The role and responsibility of Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners (PIBOs) were outlined and stressed upon in the recent notifications. The rapid growth in plastic and e-waste generated each day calls for the… Continue Reading →

Plastic Recycling and what happens next?

We have all heard the term recycling quite often, especially in the recent past. Plastic Recycling is touted to be the most important and sole way of waste management, especially in India. Today a plastic bottle we use could someday be converted into a shoe or a t-shirt, all because of recycling. In the last… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Packaging

The rise of e-commerce has led to the growing demand for packaging and protective fillers, which are often disposed of improperly or use plastic material in its make. As a result, there is an increasing amount of packaging waste being generated around the world. Is sustainable packaging the next step? The plastic waste disposed of… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons for Digitization of Plastic Waste Recycling

Digitization or Digital Transformation (DT) is very important to any sector. In this context, the Recycling Industry will vastly benefit from the transformation through efficiency building, creating consistency and quality in the process. DT of the plastic waste recycling sector in India will pave way for new frontiers and opportunities which will help address the… Continue Reading →

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