Recykal & Nothing is Waste - COVID Awareness Programme

February 15, 2021

Safety is considered an option for many in our country. The consequences that come with that are either unknown or unacknowledged. The Waste Warriors of our country - ragpickers are at risk of their own safety.

With the human race affected by the pandemic, safety has become a more serious concern than it already is. The country’s Corporates’ IEC (Information Education Communication) activities aims to ensure safety of the stakeholders involved in waste management.

Recykal has joined hands with the Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to develop sustainable plastic waste management practices in India.

In collaboration with Nothing Is Waste, Tamil Nadu, we conducted Awareness programme for the informal sector - ragpickers, kabadiwalas & aggregators. The programme aims to inculcate safety practices, help comply to the PWM and Solid Waste rules.

Alongside educating on the safety practices to be followed, we presented to them, the benefits of making digital payments.

Our COVID-19 Awareness Programme resulted in onboarding 204 Bulk Waste Generators such as shops, restaurants, malls and 150 Informal Sector workers (ragpickers and scrapdealers) in adopting safety practices and initiating digital transactions.


Enabling digital commerce for waste management & recycling

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