A quick Guide on What can and Cannot be Recycled

March 26, 2021

Here is a cheat sheet for your to understand which type of waste can cannot be recycled. For the purpose of this piece the list is limited to dry waste, does not include organic waste.

Recyclable and Non-Recyclable Products

Here's a detailed list of what the 7 types of plastic are and how you can differentiate among them.

It must be noted that the recyclability of an item depends on the type of recycler in your area, some may or may not accept all of the above-listed items. To make it easier for you, Recykal’s platform will help you find a relevant recycler in your area or connect you to a local Recykal Point which will send the recyclables for the next stage of processing and recycling to a suitable recycler or aggregator.

Check out our UZED app if you are an individual business owner or a Homeowner, and the Business App if you are a bulk generator of the above listed recyclable items.

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