Plastic Waste Innovation Challenge in the Nallamalla Forest

February 15, 2021

Nallamala Forest, one of the largest forests in South India shared by two states - Telangana and Andhra Pradesh spreads over an area of Housing some of the popular tourist, religious destinations like Srisailam, Mahanandi, Ahobilam, and Mallela Theertham waterfalls, the places attract tourists from Telangana throughout the year.

The tourist activity along the NH 765 that passes through Nallamalla Forest has resulted in plastic waste generation along the highway. This indeed is resulting in damaging the natural habitat and forest ecosystem. Some of the most severe problems as reported by the forest rangers brought light on cases of animals like Monkeys, Cows, Wild dogs, Deers ingesting plastic waste.

This begs for us to rethink the current waste management procedures and come up with a collection, waste management mechanism that is sustainable and transparent.

Recykal’s visit to the Mannanur village that lies along NH 765 brought the grave situation of improper waste disposal to light. Our plastic waste collection drive in the area has made the officials aware of the situation at hand. During the visit, we have collected around 160 kg of solid dry waste along a stretch of 59 kms.

While there was waste everywhere, the manpower to collect and dispose it was very limited. This further led to improper segregation and zero collection of waste beyond a 20m radius.

Our on-ground observations highlighted:

The need for a proper uniform for the ragpickers to ensure their safety

Setting up of more collection bins to ease the disposal process

Proper segregation of solid waste

Our approach to waste management in the Nallamalla forest through our digital platforms along with the on ground support promises to curb the issue and enable proper disposal, segregation and recycling of plastic.


Enabling digital commerce for waste management & recycling

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