Recykal and HUL in Arunachal Pradesh

Recykal’s recent partnership with Unilever in Arunachal Pradesh has reached a new scale with the collective project being shortlisted for the Prime Ministers Award 2020 in the innovative projects category. Preventing plastic waste from entering the landfills The plastic waste channeled between June 2020 to May 2021, includes MLP or Multi-Layered Plastics (Non- Recyclable), Low-Density... Continue Reading →

Dow launches Rethink+ to recycle plastic waste

With the rising problem of waste management in a country as vast as India, there was an urgent need for an initiative or service that bridged the gap between the waste generators and waste recyclers; In this scenario, Dow launches Rethink +. The Rethink+ Initiative by Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd (Dow India) in collaboration... Continue Reading →

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