Price Trends for PET Scrap in September

The average prices of PET scrap saw a consistent rise across the month. It should be noted that the prices across the country varied by at least 5-6% and the price fluctuation due to local factors has impacted the national average. A consistently high rate was observed in Himachal Pradesh with ₹ 48.5/Kg at the... Continue Reading →

PET Bottle Scrap Regulations in India

PET or Poly Ethylene Terephthalate is widely used in India. With over 0.9 million tonnes of PET manufactured, 90% of the PET bottle scrap gets recycled, the remaining 10% is left unmanaged. PET bottle scrap or PET Waste related regulations are listed in the following guidelines and rules in India: Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules,... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons for Digitization of Plastic Waste Recycling

Digitization or Digital Transformation (DT) is very important to any sector. In this context, the Recycling Industry will vastly benefit from the transformation through efficiency building, creating consistency and quality in the process. DT of the plastic waste recycling sector in India will pave way for new frontiers and opportunities which will help address the... Continue Reading →

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