Indirect costs of Improper Plastic Waste Disposal

Plastic waste disposal has various direct and indirect impacts on the social, economic, and environmental aspects. With widely spoken direct effects of improper disposal widely being spoken, very little attention is given to the ‘indirect costs'. These costs have further cascading and roll-over effects on many other systems and individuals in them. Injuries to workers... Continue Reading →

What happens after Waste Collection?

You sorted your waste at source - plastic waste, e-waste, solid waste, kitchen waste, and so on. You disposed of the waste in their respective bins. The garbage truck comes for waste collection, picks them up, and goes off. Now it’s up to the Local Municipality or Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to take over. What... Continue Reading →

Plastic Recycling and what happens next?

We have all heard the term recycling quite often, especially in the recent past. Plastic Recycling is touted to be the most important and sole way of waste management, especially in India. Today a plastic bottle we use could someday be converted into a shoe or a t-shirt, all because of recycling. In the last... Continue Reading →

How to Segregate your Waste

How to segregate your waste or sorting of your household waste is a necessary action that will facilitate recycling either in a community or on an industrial scale. For the purpose of this piece, the segregation of waste is limited to just recyclables which include Plastic, E-waste, Cardboard, Paper, and Batteries India alone generates up... Continue Reading →

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