Sustainable Packaging

The rise of e-commerce has led to the growing demand for packaging and protective fillers, which are often disposed of improperly or use plastic material in its make. As a result, there is an increasing amount of packaging waste being generated around the world. Is sustainable packaging the next step? The plastic waste disposed of... Continue Reading →

5 Severe Hazards of Burning Plastic

Burning Plastic has been used by many around the world as an easy way to reduce the large piles of waste in open fields. With strong scientific evidence and numerous awareness initiative to show the hazards of burning plastic, many still resort to burning it rather than recycling it. Hazards of burning plastic are not... Continue Reading →

EPR Benefits for your Brand

Extender producer responsibility (EPR) is a rule passed by the Govt. of India to ensure brands take responsibility for their post-consumer use of packaging waste. EPR benefits for your brand far outweigh the challenges in its implementation. It enables the creation of a circular economy which is created by channelizing plastic and e-waste and ensuring... Continue Reading →

Decoding the new ‘Uniform Framework for Extended Producers Responsibility’ under Plastic Waste Management Rules

The proposed amendments to the Uniform Framework for EPR prepared by MOEF in June 2020 will alter the existing methodology of EPR fulfillment for producer brands. While the amendments are welcome in that, it attempts to ensure that EPR spends by brands be channelised to genuine and legitimate stakeholders (including waste processors), thus giving way... Continue Reading →

Dow launches Rethink+ to recycle plastic waste

With the rising problem of waste management in a country as vast as India, there was an urgent need for an initiative or service that bridged the gap between the waste generators and waste recyclers; In this scenario, Dow launches Rethink +. The Rethink+ Initiative by Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd (Dow India) in collaboration... Continue Reading →

Big Brands or Small – EPR is Mandatory

The CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) has fined major F&B brands for not complying with EPR. The fines range from Rs.8.7 crore to Rs.50.66 crore. This puts forth the seriousness of the govt when it comes to brands filing their statutory returns to govt bodies regarding the collection and proper disposal of plastic waste. Despite... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Challenges in MLP Collection

Among the 7 types of plastic is Multi-Layered Plastics (MLP), which presents the most viable and cost-effective packaging options for FMCG companies. However, Challenges in MLP Collection and processing are a daunting task owing to zero value in the recycling value chain, lack of incentives to segregate waste, limitation in disposal channels. Urban India generates... Continue Reading →

CPCB Amends the SOP for PIBOs under the PWM Rules 2016

The Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016, has made the adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility Plans mandatory for Producers, Importers & Brand - Owners (PIBOs).  As ruled, PIBOs are required to establish a plastic waste management system according to local bodies' rules and guidelines. Before implementation, PIBOs are required to register with the concerned SPCB... Continue Reading →

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