How is Plastic Waste a Resource?

Waste as a resource? Sounds a little confusing and contradictory, right? How could waste be a treasure? Most of us have come across the quote, “One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.” The same logic applies to waste as well. So, how can we consider plastic waste as a resource? Here are the top 3... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Labelling for your Personal Care Products

Personal care and Beauty products are a thriving industry that heavily relies on plastic for its packaging. With the growing amount of packaging waste being generated, there is an urgent need to have Sustainable labelling that speaks about the product's sustainability factor. According to a recent study, nearly 70% of the plastic waste generated from... Continue Reading →

EPR and Sustainability As A Revenue Catalyst

Over a decade ago, when sustainability was mentioned, no one bat an eye as it wasn’t gravely needed. With massive industrialization and urbanization, the quantity of waste being generated has increased manifold. The problem of waste can no longer be ignored. To curb this issue, the Govt of India has introduced Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)... Continue Reading →

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